CMU’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The United Nations has defined “Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs” as a guideline for national development.

The 17 main goals are 1.Poverty Elimination 2.Hunger Elimination 3.Health Promotion and Good Livelihood 4.Educational Equality 5.Gender Equality 6.Water Management and Sanitary 7. Clean Energy that everyone can access 8. Valuable Employment and Economic Growth 9. Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure 10. Reducing handicap 11. Towns and Human’s Settlement Sustainably 12.Consumption Plan and Sustainable Production 13.Defense of Climate Change 14. Using Benefits of Ocean and Natural resources 15.Using benefits from Ecosystem of Land 16. Peaceful Society, Fair, not separate and 17. Collaboration for Sustainable Development.

University Missions and SDGs

The vision from CMU’s 13th Educational Development Plan (2022 – 2026) is to be a “A Leading University Committed to Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development through Innovation” and has 4 missions relating to Education, Research, Academic Services (outreach) and Integrated Management (Stewardship) which correlate to the SDGs above.

The university aims to continue development in 1. Innovative Environment and Energy 2. Innovation in food and health and adult caring 3. Creative Lanna 4. Producing graduates who have moral, quality and skills to be citizen of the world 5. Conducting research for excellency and innovation 6. Academic services that are beneficial for society 7. Searching for revenue for sustainable development and 8. Integrated management.

The 12th Educational Development Plan has been improved and revised and shall drive the university from strength to strength whilst improving its services and offerings to the community and nation.

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